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Additional Language Participation

In addition to holding the Essay Contests in English, other languages are also included.

Essay Books

Each year the essays are compiled into published books. 

Submitting an Essay

Essay Research, Selecting a "Righteous Gentile"

  • Go online to to begin your research

  • Click on the tab “Righteous” (second to last tab)

  • From the drop-down, select “Righteous Database”

  • In the “Search for Righteous” box, be sure you are searching “By Rescuer”.

  • In the space that says “Place of Rescue”, enter the country you’ve selected (Hungary or the Netherlands). Also be sure you’ve selected “Show Results By Individual”, then click “Search”.

  • Click on a person’s name to learn more about them. On the individual’s page, find the “Rescue” section and click “View Rescue Story” to discover some details. From here, you can start your research.

  • Keep track of your research resources. The citations must be on the last page of your essay, in a section titled “Works Cited”.

Essay Requirements

Sample First Page
*Items noted in sample with an asterisk are required


  • The first page must be formatted as the example in the above link.

  • The body of your essay must have pages numbers.

  • The last page of your essay must have a list of “Works Cited”.

  • The person you select must be listed in the Righteous Database on
    (Please see the instructions above on how to select a person.)

  • Essay must be 850 -1500 words for 6th-8th grade

  • Essay must be 2000-3500 words for 9th-12 grade

  • Essay must be 5000 and up words for College and University

  • Essay must be submitted in Microsoft Word Only as an attachment to the e-mail
    Any other format will not be accepted and no hard copies.

PDF of Essay Requirements